Burl Wood Furniture

Jun 24th

What is burl wood furniture? Well, you may be surprised to learn that burl wood is basically obtained from bulb as bumps or deformations that develop in some trees. It’s basically an abnormal growth that occurs in root or tree trunks.

Maple Burl Price Per Pound
Maple Burl Price Per Pound

It usually occurs when tree is under some sort of stress.  Infestation or any damage to cause a gnarled or rounded, like a tumor growing on tree, what is interesting is that these growths cause wood fiber to develop swirls, knots and kinks.

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Most interesting of burl wood furniture is pattern, more expensive than wood will. Texture and color of burl also affect price of timber extracted from a burl tree. Its size can vary from small balls to massive growth. Growth of certain trees is more expensive than others. For example Amboyna burl of padauk tree is quite expensive.

Once extension of trunk or root of tree is removed, cut in order to examine ring pattern. Sometimes, growth is so great that several objects can be carved from a single burl. Despite these increases do not harm trees, sometimes; growth is so great that tree may die due to their weight. Generally growths dead trees together for purpose of making burl wood furniture or wood sculpture.