Easy Cleaning Antique Wood Furniture

Dec 29th

Wood must be one of most stubborn materials when cleaning. But truth is that you can use different ways to combat deterioration, with things that you always have a little hand or using your wits.  Here we offer some suggestions about cleaning antique wood furniture.

Retro Living Room Furniture
Retro Living Room Furniture

Remove old wax antique furniture in first place because a cleaner of any kind will not penetrate a surface having an accumulation of old wax. A variety of cleaning products brand you can buy at a hardware store to cleaning antique wood furniture. Or you can use paint thinner at home in a well ventilated room, with gloves and a mask.

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Mix a little mild dishwashing liquid in warm water. now using a soft cloth gently wipe residue of old wax cleaner and a small area of antiquity at a time. No double dip timber, or leave standing water on surface. Keep wiping entire surface with damp cloth until you’re sure wax buildup and debris are gone.

Wait until old is clean and dry before you start tweaking old scratches, dents, nail holes or discoloration on wood. There are a variety of products at hardware stores or home supply that will help to cleaning antique wood furniture, as a marker to touch up furniture.