How to Choose Good Desk Lamps?

Jun 23rd

Many desk lamps use halogen lights that are brighter than there; but these generate much heat and energy intensive; also do much contrast and create reflections on paper, which can be very tiring for the eyes and in the long term, harmful to the retinas.

Pharmacy Desk Lamp
Pharmacy Desk Lamp

But now, also opens the possibility of acquiring a desk lamp with LED bulbs. This new lighting technology not only allows direct light, but also do not generate heat, consume less energy and are very bright. Desk lamps come in different designs, but most of them offer the option of head and adjustable arm, which allows the light right where it’s needed, but unlike halogen light these lamps illuminates a little the rest of the room.

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6 steps to your desk lamps choice

1. Define where to put the lamp.

2. Measure the area you need lighting to choose the size of the ideal lamp.

3. Make sure where you are placing the lamp be near an electrical outlet.

4. Set the budget you are willing to spend.

5. Choose equipment that is compatible with the installation you already have.

6. Acquire and seeks replacement bulbs that are not too hard to find later.