How to Make Pot Racks Using an Old Gate

Jun 23rd

Pot racks are space savers in any kitchen. Pots and pans take up much space and just when cooking is great to be able to reach out and reach the pot you need without having to make a mess and get everything in a dark shelf.

Cookware Storage Racks
Cookware Storage Racks


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  1. Use a stud finder to locate the roof supports and sets the direction and the space between them with chalk or a pencil.
  2. Make pilot holes in the rafters of 3/8 inch thick and 3 inches long for the eyebolts. Screw the pieces until they are even with the roof.
  3. Slide the thimble in the eye bolt and metal rope passes through it. Secure the end with rope clips for making sure that the end with the stopper is on the rope that supports the weight.
  4. Places four shackles “D” in the Iron Gate wider, a few inches from each corner areas.
  5. Put a thimble on every shackle and wire passes through them, securing with clips.
  6. Adjust the clips until the door hangs perfectly horizontal. Use a level to make sure it is even.
  7. Put some hooks in the form of “S” strategically on the bars of the gate, where you will hang the pot racks.
  8. Hang pot racks.