Mid Century Modern Dresser and Decoration

Jun 25th

Instead of relegating a quality piece to the attic or your next garage sale, you can incorporate American styles, Asian or European classics with a modern look, or a mid century modern dresser and style.

West Elm Dresser
West Elm Dresser


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  1. Examine each piece separately and decoration, including parts currently you and anyone you want to incorporate into your style. An item that does not meet the same general quality as the rest can be replaced with something that if you have, even if the mid century modern dresser style does not match.
  2. Place piece of furniture given away, inherited from other furniture or mid century modern dresser and decoration in the room.
  3. Considered very unusual pieces of art pieces that will talk about. A sleek metal cabinet or a rustic with paint peeling may be an interesting point of interest when mixed with modern or traditional furniture styles.
  4. Pinto parts to match more. For example, paint the arms of a modern dining chair to match traditional helps more couples look when used for the same table.
  5. If you have the money. An old deck chair with a modern fabric will look wonderful in a modern room and a modern quality sofa, upholstered in traditional fabric can fit perfectly in a traditional setting.