Noguchi Table Design

Jun 26th

Isami Noguchi, Japanese-American sculptor, created this famous restaurant in 1944. Initially conceived as a tea table was designed in full swing of the organic movement. The designer created this classic, which it gave its name to the manufacturer Hermann Miller. Their relationship began with the illustration of an article written by George Nelson called “How to make a table.” Following this pattern, it was when the designer Noguchi came up the idea from this table into reality.

noguchi end table
noguchi end table

Made of glass and wood or stone, the Noguchi Table is one of the first organic designs that were created as such. Its shape comes from a stability study conducted by the sculptor himself. It consists of three parts, two of them airborne. The designer, characteristic for its biomorphic designs in many ways, set the legs of the table so that imitate the ways of nature.

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With this design, Noguchi Table was able to combine form and function in a single piece. According to him, “everything can be a sculpture, any material; The success of his work lies in the perfect synthesis that takes place between the West and Japan, between abstraction and the ancient use of stone. Thus, the Noguchi Table is a clear example of this mixture.