Trendy Decorative Mailboxes

Jun 22nd

As we try to improve aesthetics of our garden, and once you consider that plants, lawn and irrigation system are minimally designed, it’s time to put our eyes on so-called supplements. Here we begin to think of roads, decorative mailboxes, paving, pergolas, garden furniture and other accessories.

Locking Mailboxes Residential
Locking Mailboxes Residential

Including issue before us today and which are not always given due attention: decorative mailboxes. When I thought about writing about it, I found many pretty pictures and hesitated which to choose. Fact is that on market all kinds of boxes, decorated or not.

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Image of: Locking Mailboxes Residential
Image of: Decorative Christmas Mailbox
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Image of: Residential Curbside Mailboxes
Image of: Decorative Wall Mount Mailboxes
Image of: Unique Mailboxes for Residential
Image of: Residential Mailboxes
Image of: Unique Mailboxes
Image of: Mailbox With Post
Image of: Wall Mount Mailboxes
Image of: Post Mount Mailbox

There are large, small, high for that are not attained by young children or naughty dogs, or – just opposite – low for them to be. There are even some decorative mailboxes models with dual functionality, namely feeders serving as birds and squirrels.

I finally chose one you can see on picture for two reasons: to be a classic (house mailbox) and practically virgin in decoration. That’s an excellent opportunity to test our skills in painting, or (what I do) invite little ones to decorate it and keep it, committing them in this task at your own risk.  Choice… I leave you to you!