Delta Kitchen Faucets Replacement Parts

Jun 22nd
Delta Kitchen Faucet Parts

Seats And Springs

The same seats and springs are accessible for each of the three sorts of Delta kitchen faucet. The kitchen faucets replacement parts is recognized as Rp4993. Included in this unit are two elastic seats and two metal springs.


O-rings are little elastic rings inside the faucet that keep the spout from spilling. Each of the three kitchen faucet sorts utilizes an alternate O-ring. For two-handle faucet, the O-ring is in replacement pack Rp2055; for one-handle faucet, the O-ring substitution is found in replacement unit Rp25; and, for draw out faucet, the O-rings are in replacement pack Rp32520.

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Diverter Assembly

The diverter get together redirects the water from the faucet to the sprayer in Delta one-handle and two-handle kitchen faucet. The kitchen faucets replacement parts is Rp320 for one-handle models and Rp6073 for the two-handle faucet models.

Shower and Hose

The sprayer and hose kitchen faucets replacement parts that are utilized for both the two-handle and one-handle models is one and the same. For either models, the replacement is Rp31612. The sprayer and hose need to be supplanted if the sprayer keeps releasing or breaking down after the diverter get together has been supplanted.

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