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There are many benefits to donating inventory to EAL:

Obtain an income tax deduction
- Inventory donations are tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Code
- Visit for additional tax deduction information
- Please consult your tax advisor for specific tax-related questions
Help needy students and the colleges they attend
- Needy students rely on scholarships to afford college
- Colleges and universities receive products and inventory they can use
- More than 10,000 needy students have received scholarships created from donated inventory
Free up warehouse space
- EAL accepts new and used inventory including tools, office supplies, computer and lab equipment, furniture, paper shredders, weed killer, industrial components, electronics, building supplies, material handling supplies, clothing and much more.
EAL accepts the widest range of goods of any non-profit.
If you're ready to make a donation to EAL, click here to access our online inventory donation form.
- Finished products
- Components/parts
- New or used
- Large or small quantities

EAL turns your excess or unwanted inventory, gently used equipment, and services into college tuition for needy students. If the donation is determined to be suitable for schools, the items are placed directly with colleges and universities. The colleges create and award scholarships to their students with demonstrated financial need. Inventory that is unsuitable for direct college placement is remarketed and the proceeds are used to fund our program. In cases with special donor restrictions, all donation restrictions are followed per the donor’s instruction.

EAL also accepts donations of cash, securities and other valuable assets.

For more information, please contact EAL at 630-690-0010 or via email at [email protected].