How to Make a Bench Cushion for a Piano

Jun 25th
Indoor Bench Cushion
Indoor Bench Cushion

A pianist spends countless hours mastering his art. Banks piano are generally hardwood, and can be uncomfortable because no fillers, which can cause back pain. Make a bench cushion piano is simple and will make the bank more comfortable for the pianist.


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1. Measures the size of the top of the curb of the piano. It is best to make a mattress that covers the entire top of the bank. Some banks piano stools are small, while others can fit two people.

2. Make measurements on the fabric. Should have two pieces of fabric the same size for each side of the pad, as well as extra space for sewing bench cushion closure.

3. Place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other. Sew four of the sides closed.

4. Fill the cushion, which now resembles a pillowcase, since only one end is open, with cotton filling. Click on each corner and edge to make it compact. You do not want to separate cotton when someone is sitting on it. When the cushion is completely filled, the last side locks stitching.

5. Adjust on the bench cushion piano to make sure it fits properly. Sit on it to make sure it’s comfortable.

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