Kitchen Compost Bin

Jun 26th
Electric Kitchen Composter
Electric Kitchen Composter

Composting kitchen waste is the best way to reduce waste generated in our day to day activities of the kitchen at home. This provides good organic materials for indoor plants and gardens. In the kitchen compost bin, we should have the right mix of organic, green and brown stuff. Green materials provide brown nitrogen and carbon materials to provide the plants. The ideal combination of both green and brown materials creates high quality compost.

The smell coming out of the dirty kitchen composter can be removed by putting all content in the compost pile every day and wash with soap and water composter. A fitting lid can also be used to prevent odor. Ground coffee skins, egg shells, fruit and vegetables, tea bags and herbs are some of the organic kitchen waste can be placed in the kitchen compost.

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Meat, bones and dairy products should be avoided in the kitchen compost, and that can cause odors and attract animals. The kitchen compost bin is portable and is ideal for short term storage of kitchen compost. Many types of kitchen compost bin are available as glasses with a holder and a handle for rotation. The kitchen compost is used to ferment kitchen scraps into compost at home.

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