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Educational Assistance (EAL) creates college scholarships for needy students from donated excess inventory. EAL accepts donations of new and used items. We place these inventory donations with accredited U.S. colleges and universities in our network. In return, schools create scholarships for college students with demonstrated financial need. Since 1982, more than 8,600 needy and low-income college students have received scholarships created from inventory donations.

Educational Assistance Ltd. is a tax-exempt [501 C (3)] nonprofit organization, qualified by the Internal Revenue Service to receive debtor education course charitable tax-deductible donations. EAL also accepts contributions in the form of cash, securities and services.

Elroy is our excess inventory spokesperson. At times we all have had the same inventory challenges that Elroy seems to have. Elroy says that EAL is your best excess inventory solution. Follow the example of Elroy and our repeat donors.

EAL is your best choice for surplus inventory management.

Educational Assistance