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What types of items do you accept?
EAL will review inventory of all types; new, used, retail, industrial, commercial, product components, finished product, obsolete, discontinued items and even scrap items. Inventory we do not accept for donation are raw chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food. If you have any questions call EAL 630-690-0010 and ask for the Development Director.

Who takes care of the transportation cost? Is it tax deductible?
In most cases, the donor takes care of shipping costs as they may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor regarding questions about deducting donated goods and services. In situations where the donor cannot handle shipping, we use our network of resources to solve the shipping dilemma.

Are donations to your organization tax deductible? If so, how do I determine the amount of the deduction?
Yes, because of our 501 (c) (3) status, all donations to our organization are tax deductible. Because we are not tax advisors, we ask all donors to consult with their tax accountant for donation valuation. Normally, the cost value of the inventory that is carried on your books is the amount a company can write off as a deduction.

How long does the process of transferring a donation take?
We always work within the donor’s time restraints. We can complete a donation in as little as one day in emergency situations, but the average processing time is about a week.

Do you accept scrap material?
In most cases we will take this inventory free of charge and process it through one of our environmentally friendly recyclers. For more information, please contact EAL at 630-690-0010 or via email at [email protected].